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18 Mar

Repeating Orders and Blanket Sales Orders for Dynamics GP

By Tracey BrinkmanMicrosoft Dynamics GP, Sales, , , , , With 0 comments

Repeating Orders vs. Blanket Orders  Entering a repeating order in Sales Order Processing You can create repeating orders if the order ID is set up to allow repeating documents. Repeating orders are useful if you want to create a template document for a customer that requests the same information multiple times. Repeating orders must be

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17 Mar

Professional Services Tools Library – (PSTL)

By Tracey BrinkmanMicrosoft Dynamics GP, System, , , , With 0 comments

The Professional Services Tools Library is designed for use with Microsoft® Dynamics™ GP. This document contains a list of Tools and a description overview on the functionality of each tool. This document does not contain detailed information or instructions. Please contact us if you need assistance with any of these (PSTL) tools. Before you begin

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14 Mar

Management Reporter 2012 CU8 Features

By Tracey BrinkmanManagement Reporter, With 0 comments

Summarizing features of the new Management Reporter 2012 CU8 update: Dynamic calculated column headers…you no longer need to hard code the Months within the column definition.  This feature received 55 votes on Microsoft Connect. Please continue to submit product suggestions. There may be situations where you have reports that require calculated periods or where you need to perform some calculations

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18 Jun

Business Intelligence and Microsoft Dynamics GP – Why it Matters to you

By Ryan McBeeMicrosoft Dynamics GP, , , With 0 comments

Business intelligence—the idea seems complicated and perhaps not something YOUR business needs to think about—after all isn’t that something that is only the biggest companies use, right? Actually, the idea of business intelligence is simpler than you may think, and every company from the smallest to largest can benefit from gathering and utilizing intelligence data.

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27 Mar

Understanding the Support Lifecycle for Dynamics GP

By Ryan McBeeMicrosoft Dynamics GP, , , With 0 comments

Trying to understand Microsoft’s lifecycle support policies can be confusing.  We’ll try to remove some of the mystery in this blog. What is meant by “lifecycle support?” All software, including Dynamics GP, is developed for a specific set of circumstances that exist at the time of its release.  These circumstances include the business problems that

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