NEW! Use Microsoft Dynamics GP anywhere you go!

There used to only be one option to deploy Microsoft Dynamics GP, which was through a server at your location. Now, with modern cloud technology, you can migrate your existing Dynamics GP environment straight to the cloud! 

Running GP in the cloud offers many benefits over a traditional setup that include: 

  • No more VPN! 
  • Tremendous speed increase 
  • Mobility – access GP from anywhere you have an internet connection  
  • Scaling: Hire additional staff? Add a new GP plugin? Add more server power in seconds, without the need to spend time and money on a costly server migration. 
  • Never again worry about data loss – backup and data protection are built into our cloud offering 
  • Transition to an operational-cost model that is easy to budget for. Our per user pricing means you’ll never pay for more than you need – and support is built in.