Pulling Weeds at Tierra-Derco International

Tierra-Derco International (TDI) is headquartered in Jasper, Indiana. TDI is an importer, designer and manufacturer of distinctive garden products. TDI has developed a reputation for fast efficient service, quality products and a broad selection of unique garden hard goods. Top products sold are DeWit garden tools, Worth Tools, Peacock Plant Supports, Eurogarden Kids Tools, and more.

The Challenge

Like any manufacturer and distributor, TDI has massive amounts of inventory to keep meticulous records of in addition to an overwhelming need for an intelligent accounting system. As TDI grew and the complexity of their needs began to change, a more comprehensive financial software suite was required. Within a few years, TDI had switched between two different financial systems and were not able to find anything that met their specific needs. Ultimately, in June 2009 TDI discovered a great fit and purchased Microsoft Dynamics GP. Thinking many of their financial software headaches and frustrations were over, they began to breathe easier but what came next was a huge shock to their organization.

“The people who work for iSolutions are honest and dependable…and even better they genuinely care about the success of our company. They make us feel like our problems are the only ones they’re concerned about.”

—Brian Wilson, Controller

A few months after the initial investment of Dynamics GP, TDI began to realize the 3rd party provider who sold them the solution, had very little working knowledge of the solution. What ensued was a two-year long nightmare. From reports not running accurately to screens not working properly, TDI’s business processes were being interrupted and everyone in the organization could feel it. Many personnel were required to do simple yet time-consuming tasks because Dynamics GP had not been set up to automatically do the tasks for them. In order to abbreviate TDI’s struggles, the following is a list of challenges TDI’s personnel regularly encountered.

Basic functionality of customizable screens did not work. Data was entered in but when reports were run they would be inaccurate.

The SSRS reports were created for TDI but did not function properly. For 18 months there were consistent issues with the ad-ons not working precisely. This problem was never resolved.

When TDI’s file system crashed in September 2011, their 3rd party provider asked them to reinstall Dynamics GP themselves. After the crash, FRX reports would not print and the controller’s remote terminal stopped working. All the while, the 3rd party provider ignored TDI’s urgent requests for help.

But the final issue took the cake. Upon TDI’s further inquiries as to why they were not being upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 per their request, TDI discovered something that no organization wants to hear. Unbeknownst to them, they were 700 days over due in their Dynamics GP licensing fees. TDI’s 3rd party provider had assured them that all fees and licenses were up to date. It goes without saying, TDI immediately began looking for another Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant.

The Solution

TDI began searching for an honest, reliable, and knowledgeable Microsoft Dynamics GP consultant. After calling Microsoft for referrals and interviewing numerous providers, TDI hired iSolutions. When asked why TDI chose iSolutions, Brian Wilson, controller of TDI, answered “We were impressed with Ryan’s [of iSolutions] sincerity as well as his knowledgebase and passion for Dynamics GP. Ryan told us that everyone who works for iSolutions rolls out of bed thinking about Microsoft Dynamics GP. They don’t dabble in multiple other solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP is their primary focus and it shows. Furthermore, they not only know the intricacies of the solution, but they have accounting backgrounds as well which is priceless for a controller like myself.” Within days of hiring iSolutions, TDI transitioned to standardized screens which instantly boosted usability, simplified processes and enabled them to fully capitalize on the functionality Microsoft Dynamics GP offers. Moreover, iSolutions streamlined TDI’s order entry process and customized the Dynamics GP accounts receivable to better fit the organization’s needs. After two years, TDI was finally beginning to function at optimum capacity.

The Future

TDI is confident that the positive changes iSolutions has created for the company will help them provide even better service to their own customers. TDI plans to continue their working relationship with iSolutions as iSolutions will be writing additional SSRS reports for them. These reports will be focused on specifically fulfilling TDI’s operational demands. Furthermore, TDI looks forward to working with iSolutions on upgrades such as Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 in the near future.

TDI trusts iSolutions and their team of experts to deliver superior customer care and expertise. TDI knows a certified Microsoft Partner who they depend on for their Microsoft Dynamics GP needs. Do you?