Your Trusted Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional Partner

iSolutions is an industry leading professional services firm, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (“GP”) for businesses of varying sizes and across a multitude of sectors and competitive markets.  With the requisite experience, accounting and technical competencies, the ongoing objective of our team of in-house professionals is to work collaboratively with our clients to help achieve their business-specific objectives.

Managing the ERP Continuum via Microsoft Dynamics GP

We work collaboratively with our clients to first understand their needs; thereby allowing us to analyze and develop Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions that are commensurate with our client’s business needs.  Understanding that no two clients are the same; at the onset of our relationship with a client, we perform a comprehensive assessment of your current platform that in turn allows us to develop an effective roadmap with a path to achievable, sustainable goals and measurable results.  Doing so allows us to develop highly integrated solutions that can eliminate redundancies, improve accounting and financial reporting capabilities; and augment a company’s strategic decision-making processes.

Our Proven Approach

As your trusted advisor, iSolutions delivers industry, operational, process and technology expertise with a proven service approach—Think, Build, Source—to pave the way for your success.


Companies constantly face the challenge of aligning their business objectives with their IT strategy. An effective roadmap with a strong business case delivers a path to achievable goals with measurable results. iSolutions helps recognize and connect people, process and technology, adding clarity to your business and IT initiatives.


A successful implementation is the dynamic force behind all that iSolutions does. We supply the right solution on time and within budget. Disciplined project management skills and business aptitude guarantees the success you depend on.


The correct balance of sourced functions can advance your IT service levels and return on investment, allowing you to effectively meet your business needs. iSolutions helps identify a strategic sourcing model based on internal capabilities, external resources and cost.

Why We’re Different

Key Differentiators

  • Unlike many other software solutions’ vendors, Microsoft Dynamics GP is our focus; we do not portray ourselves as a multi-platform systems integrator. Rather, iSolutions’ objective is to be best-in-class at what we do, and that is supporting Microsoft Dynamic GP.  This is evidenced by not only our focus on supporting Dynamics GP, it is also evidenced by the fact that iSolutions utilizes Dynamics GP.
  • Given our skilled professionals and their associated orientation with Microsoft Dynamics GP, iSolutions will help you meet your timeline, remain consistent with the budget expectations agreed to, and help the various constituents stay focused until your objectives are met. We know the process; many of our professionals historically worked at organizations that implemented Dynamics GP and were responsible for overseeing their organization’s day-to-day processes to ensure their ERP system was positioned to help their business thrive and benefit from technological advancements.
  • We are known for providing high-quality, innovative solutions working in partnership with our clients; as evidenced by our unparalleled client retention rate. Our motto is simple, “We Ask, We Listen, and We Deliver.”

Pre-Built Intellectual Property

We offer our clients a full library of tools, utilities, controls and solutions they can plug and play into their deployment. These exclusive add-ons have saved our clients countless hours and precious resources.

True Expertise

As your support team, we understand the Dynamics GP solution inside and out. Each of our team members has had decades of experience actually using Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. With both accounting and technical support experience, our team will exceed your expectations of knowledge and support for your GP solution.

Here for the Long Haul

iSolutions empowers clients to succeed with technology. We provide full training at implementation and continuous training and support as well. Long after implementation, iSolutions remains a part of your team, always available to assist, as much or as little as appropriate. Follow-up visits and periodic reviews give us opportunities to supplement user training and enhance the system. Our Support Services team is available by phone or email for technical support, advice and assistance 24-7. And of course, our professionals can be onsite with you whenever the need arises. We feel truly connected to our client’s businesses, and consider ourselves partners in our clients’ long-term success.