Inventory Stock Count Schedule Modification for Microsoft Dynamics GP

August 21 | By Ryan McBee

For a recent customer, we had a requirement to select multiple item classes for a stock count schedule build. The challenge with the GP Mass Add selection in Inventory Stock Count Schedules was that it only allowed you to select a range of Item Classes and it was sorted in alphabetic order. The customer we built this for had lots of different item classes and the out of the box functionality was cumbersome. To accommodate this, we designed the window below.

When a user selects the “Mass Add” button, they are prompted to open up the Advanced Item Selection window.

Select the Item Class that you want and hit the arrow to insert.

After the Schedule is started, we have a second modification on the entry window that automatically defaults the captured quantity. This is used if ALL of the counted quantities match the captured quantities.

The users have the ability to change the counted quantities after this modification is used.

If this is something that would useful to your organization, please contact us.