Advanced Apply for GP Cash Receipts

May 14 | By Ryan McBee

We have a Microsoft Dynamics GP customer who has hundreds of open invoices per customer. It became challenging for this customer to apply a cash receipt against an invoice since it took so long to find the document to apply it against.

To remedy this problem, we have developed the iSolutions Advanced Apply tool for GP 2018 and beyond. When a user goes to do enter a cash receipt, they will have the option to open up this tool as shown below.

After you hit “Yes”, the window below will open up. The grid can interactively sort.

If you need to do a search, you can hit “View Filter”. There is a drop down on the left that shows many fields associated with an open document in GP.

In this example, I am selecting any document that begins with the letter “s”

2018 Download

This tool can be very helpful if you have many open invoices in your system. This is a free tool for iSolutions customers.

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