Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Transaction Entry Distribution Template

May 13 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Normally when you enter a Payables Transaction and specify the Purchase amount you would click the Distributions button to go to the Payables Transaction Entry Distribution window.

Payables Transaction Entry Window

From this window you will see the Vendors Default Purchase Account from the Vendors Account window.

Payables Transaction Entry Distribution window with Vendor defaults

In a previous article, I showed how you can set up additional default accounts for the Vendor: 

Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Transaction Entry Distribution Template

We have a Dynamics GP client with over 50 stores that needed a modification that would speed up entry in the distributions. They were having to pull up each account manually and it took forever. With this Dynamics GP modification, they can now specify a main segment number and distribute to multiple accounts for that main segment from one entry window.

With the modification, once they have entered the Purchases amount, they click the Additional drop down and select the Distribution Template option.

Payables Transaction Entry Window- Additional drop down selection to Distribution Template

On the Distribution Template window, they select the Main Account they need, and it will bring up a list of the accounts for that Main Account. Once they distribute the distribution amount they need to each of the accounts, they can save.

Distribute debit and credit amounts based on Main Account using the Distribution Template

Now if you look at the Payables Transaction Entry Distribution window, it will display the accounts selected in the distribution template .

Now when you go to the Payables Transaction Entry Distribution, it will include the additional distributions from the Distribution Template.

If you use the Microsoft Dynamics GP software and need to distribute Payables transactions to your Main accounts split between multiple divisions/departments, this customization may be what you are looking for.

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