Dynamics GP Additional Vendor Accounts

April 05 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP Additional Vendor Accounts

I discovered when working on a call this week that I had not documented the steps on how to assign multiple default distribution accounts on a Vendor Card.

 When you enter a Payables Transaction it can get default accounts either from the Posting Accounts Setup (Administration | Setup | Posting | Posting Accounts) Choose to Display Purchasing

Here you can set the base Default accounts. These are accounts that you want to use for Everyone as a default.

 Then you can set up default accounts by Vendor Class: (Purchasing | Setup |Vendor Class) Click the Accounts button:

Any accounts set up by class will default when you create a new Vendor and assign a Vendor Class. If an account is set up by class, it will override the default account set in Posting Account Setup under Administration. You can then override any that need to be vendor specific in the Vendor Card.

 In Vendor Maintenance (Purchasing | Cards | Vendor) When you click on the Accounts button, you will see any accounts previously assigned from the Vendor Class. Then you can change the default accounts to specific accounts to use for the Vendor.

These are accounts that are specific to this Vendor that you want to use when you enter payables transactions

Here is an example when entering a Payables Transaction (Purchasing | Transactions | Transaction Entry)

I entered amounts in Purchase, Trade Discount and Freight.
When you look at the Distributions it shows the accounts for Payables and Purchases have defaulted from the Vendor Accounts. The Trade Discount did not come from the Vendor Card, after checking the Vendor Class it was not set their either. So, it came from the Administration Posting Accounts Setup.

Dynamics GP Additional Vendor Accounts

However, sometimes you have a vendor that requires more than one account when distributing a transaction.

There is a way to specify for the Purchases account additional distributions.

For my example I will use the Fabrikam Vendor ATTRACTI00001:

On the Vendor Account Maintenance window, the Purchases Account Number 000-1300-01 assigned.

Just to the left of the blue arrow on that row you will see this (…)

If you click the (…) another window called Additional Vendor Accounts will open.

Here you can enter multiple accounts and mark the Default on Trx box that you want displayed on the Payables Transaction Entry Distribution window. During transaction entry, you can distribute amounts to the various purchasing accounts.

 So now when I enter a transaction in Payables Transaction Entry for this Vendor: ATTRACTI00001, the distribution screen will look like this:

This transaction has $275.00 in Purchases and when I go to the Distributions window it shows all 3 accounts.

The amount defaulted to the PURCH distribution account in the Vendor Account Maintenance window. However, the additional accounts entered also show. This will allow you to distribute the Purchase amount to the other accounts without needing to look them up.

Here is a link to a Microsoft blog on this topic: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/ptsblog/2012/07/16/additional-purchases-accounts-for-vendors-in-dynamics-gp/

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