Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information

February 11 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information:

A feature that was added back with Dynamics GP 2013 is the Purchasing Utility – Update 1099 Information.

Purchasing | Utilities | Update 1099 Information

You can use the Update 1099 information window to: modify the tax type or 1099 statement box numbers for a range of vendors, 1099 transactions or both.

We have a previous article from when the feature was originally released.


Since we have just gone thru Year End and had several people that did not realize this feature was available. I want to review how this feature Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information works. Most of the information is from Help Text with some screenshots added.

Using Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information you can:

Modify the tax type from one type to another.

You can also change the type from a non-1099 vendor to a 1099 vendor and vice versa.

This is helpful, for example, when you add a new vendor record, but the vendor doesn’t provide their Tax Identification Number until later. This way, you can change the vendor record and the transactions that have already been entered at the same time.

Below is a review of each field.


Select whether to update 1099 information for vendor records, on transactions, or both. The existing information for your vendor and transaction records changes depending on the tax type you’re modifying:

Vendor changes the default tax type or 1099 box number on a range of vendor cards, but the 1099 information on transactions remains unchanged.

1099 Transactions depending on your change, the 1099 transactions are updated differently:

  • If you’re changing from a 1099 type to another 1099 type, the tax type or 1099 box number for a range of transactions is changed, but information on vendor cards is unchanged.
  • You can’t change from a 1099 type to Not a 1099 Vendor or vice versa for this Update selection. To change the vendor, select the Update Vendor and 1099 Transactions option.

Vendor and 1099 Transactions when you’re changing both vendors and 1099 transactions, there are differences in what happens based on what you’re changing from and to:

  • If you’re changing from a 1099 type to another 1099 type: The vendor records in the range will be updated with the new tax type and 1099 box number, and all open and historical 1099 transactions are updated with the new tax type.
  • If you’re changing from Not a 1099 vendor to a 1099 type: The vendor records in the range are updated with the new tax type. For existing payables invoices, credit memos, and returns, the amount is changed to the 1099 amount.
  • If a credit memo or return is not applied to a 1099 invoice, the 1099 type is updated using the 1099 type assigned to the vendor
  • If a credit memo or return is applied to a 1099 invoice, the 1099 type is updated for the amount applied using the 1099 type on the invoice.
  • Freight, tax, finance charge and multicurrency amounts are not updated with 1099 types or amounts.
  • If you’re changing from a 1099 type to Not a 1099 vendor, the existing transactions are changed to non-1099 transactions and the 1099 amount is cleared on payables debit document, credit memos, and returns for unposted, posted and historical transactions.


  • Select the 1099 form type (tax type) that you want to change. (All, Dividend, Interest, Miscellaneous)

The options available depend on which option you select to update.


  • Select the 1099 form type (tax type) and box number that you would like to use instead of the original values. (Dividend, Interest, Miscellaneous)


Select a range of vendors, tax types, or transactions to change. You can specify multiple ranges.

When updating Vendor Only: Vendor Ranges can be selected by Vendor ID, Vendor Name, Vendor Class, or Type.

When updating 1099 Transactions: They can be selected by Voucher Number range or Document Date Range.

When updating Vendor and 1099 Transactions: Range selections can be based on a combination of Vendor Ranges and Transaction Ranges.

Here is a screenshot of how you can change a Vendor that was not set up as a 1099 Vendor and find they should have been.

(In my sample data I used the year 2027).

You want to change them to Miscellaneous and set the 1099 Box Number to 7 for this specific Vendor and all transactions with a Document Date in 20xx.

To make sure it is changing what you expect, you can click the Print icon first to get an Update 1099 Information Preview Report.

This gives you a preview of what will be changed once you Process.

If you find it is not changing something correctly you can then make changes to your selections before clicking Process.

Once you are ready, click the Process button to make the changes based on your selections.

When complete, you will get a PM Update 1099 Information Audit report.

The information on this report will be the same as the Preview report. This is an Audit of what has been changed.

Here is a link to an article from Microsoft Support regarding this feature:


Another option available to make changes to your Vendors 1099 information:

Purchasing | Cards | 1099 Details

This will allow you to modify by Month the amount per Tax Type /1099 box for the year.

You can only view the yearly figures. Any changes must be made in the Month view.

A 3rd option available to update the 1099 information is under Purchasing | Transactions | Edit 1099 Transaction Information

From this window, you can choose the Vendor and then for each Transaction listed, you can Edit the 1099 Tax Type, Box and 1099 amount.

When you Process these changes the transactions are updated in the Open and History table.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding Dynamics GP Update 1099 Information.

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