GP2018R2 Transaction Level Post Through General Ledger

October 02 | By Tracey Brinkman

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GP2018R2 Transaction Level Post Through General Ledger

GP 2018 R2 is available! 10/2/2018

I have downloaded and installed the update and will be posting some of the new features that are available.

One of those is GP2018R2 Transaction Level Post Through General Ledger

An additional option has been added to Posting Setup to allow transactions to post through GL if this option is marked.

Previously you could mark to have Batches post through GL, however if you allowed posting transactions without a batch, there was not an option to post through the GL Now with GP2018R2 Transaction Level Post Through General Ledger you have the option with both Batches and individual transactions.

Post Through General Ledger Files

Mark this option if you want all General Ledger tables to be updated automatically when you post transactions in another module. If you don’t mark this option, transactions posted to General Ledger must be posted again in General Ledger to update posting accounts.

The following is a list of supported transactions for this feature.

Invoice Entry
Receivables Apply Doc.
Receivables Cash Receipts
Receivables Sales Entry

Sales Deposits
Sales Transaction Entry
Voided Transaction Maintenance (Sales)
Payables Transaction Entry
Payment Entry
Purchasing Invoice Entry
Purchasing Prepayments
Receiving Transaction Entry
Returns Transaction Entry
Assembly Entry
Transaction Entry (Inventory)
Transfer Entry
Manual Checks (Payroll)
Project Accounting Transaction windows except Project Closing

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