Dynamics GP Payables Reprint Unposted Checks

August 22 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP Payables Reprint Unposted Checks

It happens all the time, you select your checks, put your check forms in the printer and click the print button.

Then you realize you have an issue. You need to reprint all or some of the checks, thankfully you haven’t posted the checks.

We get calls like this all the time.

Dynamics GP Payables Reprint Unposted Checks

Scenario: I have selected Checks for 20 Vendors. When I Print Checks (Payments) my beginning Check Number is 20063.

After I print my checks, I have an issue and need to reprint all or part of my check run.

How do I void/reprint some or all of my checks if:

  • I printed to screen instead of my printer.
  • For some reason they never went to my printer.
  • I printed to the wrong printer and it had plain paper not checks.
  • My printer jammed and only some of the checks printed correctly.

After GP has sent the checks to the printer, the system will show you the Post Payments screen.

From here you can either Void a specific check or range of checks or choose the Reprint Payments option.

When you choose Reprint Checks (Payments) the Starting Payment Number will be incremented as if all checks printed successfully.

As far as Dynamics GP knows, all your checks did print correctly.

To reprint using this number, you can choose to either Void or Reprint All, or choose a Range.

If you choose All, GP will Void all the checks and reprint using the next beginning check number.

If some of the checks printed correctly, you can choose which check or range of checks did not print correctly.

If the first 5 checks printed correctly but the rest need to be reprinted I would select the Document Range as follows:

From: 20068

To: 20082

 This would reprint that full document range with the new checks beginning with Document 20083.

 Or If you were able to correct the original check run and the last 5 also printed correctly, you can choose to Void/Reprint From: 20068 To: 20077. This would leave the first 5 and last 5 using the original document, only reprinting the section selected.

 Then when you click Process, GP will reprint checks for only that document range, beginning with Payment 20083.

Dynamics GP Payables Reprint Unposted Checks – Duplicate Check Numbers

 We have also had the question, especially for a large check run where only the first few printed correctly, and they don’t want to have to Void all those good check documents.

Can I reprint using the same check numbers?

The answer is yes, keep in mind that the system will still void the original checks and if you use Safe Pay they will be listed as VOID checks then again as good check in the file unless you edit them out. This can cause an issue with your bank. If you use Safe Pay, check with your bank to see how to best handle this.

You will need to make sure your checkbook is set up to allow you to Duplicate Check Numbers.

You will also then need to set the Next Check Number to be the actual check you want it to start using.

 Once you have reprinted these checks, it is recommended to set this back by unmarking the checkbox.

 Once you Process using the Void/Reprint checks you will complete the check run as usual.

You will notice that the system will list the original checks as VOID and then list the new checks.

Even if you do reuse the same check number.

 On the PM Computer Check Register, it will list the total of all Posted and Voided checks. The Voided checks will be marked with an *. The Checkbook Posting Journal will also list both the VOID checks as well as the final posted checks.

When I look in Payables – Transaction Inquiry by Vendor and select my date I will also see both the original Check (Voided) marked with an *. Then the actual check.

If you reuse the check, it will list both with the same number.

Bank Reconcile will only show the non-Voided check.

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