Dynamics GP Intercompany Payables Transactions

August 20 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP Intercompany Payables Transactions

Payables Transaction Entry – Intercompany

I recently had someone that uses Intercompany Posting ask how you can distribute Payables transaction to multiple PURCH distribution accounts. When entering Dynamics GP Intercompany Payables Transactions posting to two PURCH accounts from different Companies.

They had specific need to enter an invoice and distribution between two companies. One portion of the distribution was in their primary company where the invoice was being posted. However, a portion of it needed to be posted to another company where they track Grants. They already had set up the Due To / Due From accounts and used the Intercompany in GL entries, so they understood how that worked.

Payables Transaction Entry Distribution

The step that was missing is that if you just leave it with the default entry screen, you don’t see where to override the amount that goes to your primary GL account. You have to expand to see the detail of each entry line.

When you go into this screen, if you try to change the Debit amount on the PURCH TYPE, you do not have access to type in that field.

However, if you click on the expansion arrows highlighted above you will see 2 additional lines.

On the second line you can override the Originating Debit or Credit.

On the 3rd line you can enter a Distribution Reference.

So I was able to override the Originating Debit for the TWO (Co ID) to $100.00 and add a Distribution Reference.

Once that happens I can add another PURCH Type Distribution for MYTST (Co ID) for $50.00 with a Distribution Reference.

If you need a copy of the Dynamics GP Intercompany documentation, follow the link below. You will need to log onto your Customer Source account. If you are an iSolutions client, email us at: support@isolutionspartners.com and we can send you a copy.


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