PaperSave an all-in-one document management software

June 15 | By Tracey Brinkman

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PaperSave an all-in-one document management software

Are you looking for a Document Management Software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

Look at PaperSave an all-in-one document management software.

PaperSave an all-in-one document management software

PaperSave is a complete document management, electronic workflow, and transaction automation solution.

Document Management eliminates 20% to 30% of time spent filing, searching & retrieving documents.

With Flexible Capture, Seamless Integration and Central Repository and Simple Search.

Electronic Workflow automates and streamlines business processes for faster approvals.

With Auditing, Capturing General Ledger Distribution, Monitoring and Task delegation.

Transaction Automation with PaperSave to streamline data entry and collection from start to finish.

PaperSave captures information from the supporting GP card or transaction and stores it as metadata with the supporting document giving you one click access to the supporting documents from the Dynamics GP window.

Automatically captures AP checks, AR Invoices, packaging slips and delivery tickets associating them to a GP record.

Non-Dynamics users can easily search and access documents stored in PaperSave.

PaperSave can capture documents from a scanner, network copier/scanner, fax machine, email or Microsoft Office.

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