Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP

September 25 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics GP is an interactive reporting application can be used to create, maintain, deploy, and view financial statements. It moves beyond traditional reporting constraints to help you design a variety of reports efficiently. Communication is stream-lined with the use of interactive notes and instant messaging.

Management Reporter includes dimension support, which means that account segments or dimensions are immediately available. There is no need for additional tools or configuration.

Building blocks of a report:

Row Definition: A row definition defines the descriptive lines, for example, salaries or sales, on a report. It also lists the segment values or dimensions that contain the values for each line item and includes row formatting and calculations.






Column Definition: A column definition defines the period to use when extracting data from the financial dimensions. It also includes column formatting and calculations.








Reporting Tree Definition: A reporting tree definition resembles an organizational chart. It contains individual reporting units that represent each box in the chart. The units can be either individual departments from the financial data or higher-level units that summarize data from other reporting units.

Report Definition: A report definition uses a row definition, a column definition, and an optional reporting tree definition to build a report. It also provides additional options and settings to customize a report.

If you are new to designing reports, it is helpful to use the report wizard to quickly create a report definition that you can customize later. If you have experience designing reports and want more flexibility for report design, you can combine new or existing building blocks to create a new report definition.











You do not have to fully understand all available report definition options to produce quality reports. As you become familiar with designing reports, you can expand your report definitions to take advantage of more advanced features.

After you have created a basic report, you can customize the report definition and any of the building blocks in the report definition.

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP Overview – Installs and Service Packs

Microsoft Dynamics GP – Management reporter users: If you would like assistance creating or modifying a report. Or if you have someone new that would like some training on how to create or modify reports in Management reporter – Contact iSolutions at

Information in the blog is based on Management Reporter documentation.