SalesPad software adding flexibility to Microsoft Dynamics GP

September 21 | By Tracey Brinkman

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SalesPad software adding flexibility to Microsoft Dynamics GP

Has your business outgrown the functionality of Dynamics GP?

Are you keeping track of additional information outside of GP possibly in an Excel spreadsheet?



SalesPad Desktop is a full front-end order entry, purchasing, sales, and inventory management solution that fully integrates with Dynamics GP. SalesPad Desktop is the ultimate tool for distribution and manufacturing companies.

If you’re still playing the spreadsheet game (and experiencing its coinciding headaches of tracking additional information outside of Dynamics GP), maybe it’s time to see if SalesPad is a good fit for your business.

SalesPad gives you access to an unlimited number of user-defined fields. This will allow you to track additional information for Customers, Vendors, Contacts, Sales Documents, Inventory Items and Purchase Orders.

SalesPad software can be utilized across your customer service, sales and warehouse teams. The software provides easy-to-read graphs and searchable spreadsheets to keep track of monthly sales from each customer. SalesPad is a powerful software that allows you to simply plug in order entries and see a concise visualization of percentages of returns, quotes, orders and invoices.

SalesPad also has customizable dashboards that can be adjusted for all your team members. Add an extra level of security by removing warehouse employees from your accounting environment, and giving your employees the relevant data they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Take the errors and guesswork out of order processing by using workflows that accurately and efficiently complete the steps you’ve been doing manually. SalesPad provides full visibility into each step of your workflow, so you always know who’s worked on an order and when.



SalesPad software adding flexibility to Microsoft Dynamics GP

SalesPad is a scalable solution that allows you to add these and other products you need.

SALESPAD MOBILE – Access and manage sales, customer, and inventory data while on the go.

DATACOLLECTION – Perform all essential inventory transactions such as picking, transferring goods and cycle counts using a mobile device equipped with a scanner. DataCollection automatically updates Dynamics GP in real time.

SHIPCENTER – All-in-one shipping solution. Eliminate the need for carrier specific software.

MOBILEREPORTS – Create, view and share dashboards of important data. Access any key business metric from any iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

WEBPORTAL – A web-based version of SalesPad Desktop.

SALESPAD EDI – Connect to SalesPad partner SPS Commerce’s leading cloud-based platform to eliminate manual entry of purchase orders sales, ASNs, and invoices with trading partners.

SalesPad software adding flexibility to Microsoft Dynamics GP

SalesPad Desktop provides the flexibility you may be lacking by using Dynamics GP alone. And at a fraction of the cost per license, SalesPad is the scalable tool that adapts to your business processes — not the other way around.

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