Dynamics GP Modify Account Format Setup

September 11 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP Modify Account Format Setup

To help our clients that ask how to in Dynamics GP modify account format setup.

The first step is understanding the basic rules of the account number format.

When you install Microsoft Dynamics GP, you specify an account framework.

This framework applies to all companies in your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

Here you set the maximum length of your accounts, the maximum number of segments and the maximum segment lengths. The account framework Maximum Account Length and Maximum Segments cannot be changed.

Then as you create each Company you specify the account Length and Segments for that company, within the limits of the Account framework limits.

Maximum Account Length

Displays the maximum account length defined during the installation process. Use this number as a guideline when designing the account format for your chart of accounts. The total length of all segments you define can’t exceed this number.

Maximum Segments

Displays the maximum number of segments defined during the installation process. Use this number as a guideline when designing the number of segments, you plan to use in the chart of accounts. The total number of segments can’t exceed this number.

Refer to the System Setup Guide, specifically the chapter for Company Setup for additional information.

Microsoft Dynamics maximum limit is 66 characters and 10 segments. However, your maximum will depend on the limits specified when you installed Microsoft Dynamics GP.

You can shorten one or more segments of the account format only if you have not entered any transactions.

You can lengthen one or more segments in the account format, up to the account framework maximum at any time.

To set up or modify an account format:

Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Account Format

Account Length

Enter a total account length. Enter a number that is equal to or less than the maximum account length you entered during the installation process. The account length maximum defined during installation is displayed in the Maximum Account Length field.


Enter a total number of segments. The number you enter must be equal to or less than the maximum number of segments defined during the installation process. The maximum segment number defined during installation is displayed in the Maximum Segments field.

Max. Length

Displays the maximum number of characters that can be entered for each account segment.


Use the fields in this column to enter the length of each account segment. The length of each segment can be no longer than the maximums defined during the installation process, and the combined length of the segments must equal the account length.

To add to the length of an existing segment or an additional segment, use the Account Format Setup

Administration >>Setup>>Company>>Account Format

Modify the Account Length to increase by the number being added either to an existing segment or any additional segments.

If you want to modify any of the existing segments, for instance increase the Department from a length of 2 so that it will be 5. You are increasing that segment by 3. So now instead of an account length of 9 (3+4+2) you will now have an Account Length of 12 (3+4+5).

Or possibly you want to add an additional segment for Office or Location with a length of 2. So, you would go from the Account Length of 9 with Segments 3 to Account Length of 11 with Segments 4. Then Name your new ID Office and set the Length as 2.

Dynamics GP Modify Account Format Setup _ Additional Segment

This would be step 1 on our process. In Account Format Setup:

Increase the Account Length from 9 to 11.

Increase the Segments from 3 to 4.

Name the new segment 4 (Office in our example)

Set the Length for the segment to 2.

 Click OK to save the changes.

 If you look at your existing accounts, they now have a fourth segment with Blank.

Because this is a new Segment, you will need to create all of the valid segment numbers.

So, for Segment ID – Office for my new segment 4, I will create 3 new Numbers.

00 – Corporate Office

01 – North Office

02 – South Office

Next, we need to modify the existing account numbers to add the numbers for the new segment.

To do this you can use PSTL – Professional Services Tools Library | Financial Tools: Acct Modifier/Combiner

Account Modifier / Combiner

Because you will need to update all your accounts to add the new segment, you will want to use the Import option.

To combine or change multiple accounts from a spreadsheet:

1. Enter existing account numbers in the first column of data in the spreadsheet, as you would enter it in the Account Number field.

a. You can create this spreadsheet by selecting the Accounts SmartList and then export to Excel. Insert a second column for the new modified account with the additional segment.

Note: If you need to add additional accounts with the new segments you can use the Mass Modify option after you have updated the existing accounts.  http://www.isolutionspartners.com/dynamics-gp-mass-modify-chart-of-accounts/

         2. The second column of data should contain the new account numbers, as you would enter it in Convert To Account Number field. (Be sure to include dashes in the account numbers.)

3. You will also want to remove the Header Row or it will be considered an error.

4. Save your spreadsheet as a text file.

5. Choose Import in the Select By field.

6. Two new buttons, Validate and Modify will then be displayed.

a. Choose the Validate button first. Select the text spreadsheet file and choose Open to start the validation process.The Validate button will verify that each current account number exists in your system before the conversion is performed.

7. Once the validation report contains no errors, choose Modify and select your system.

Previewing changes in your system (optional):

To double check for errors before making final changes to your system, all the account mappings that were valid in your spreadsheet are now contained in a Microsoft SQL Server table called TACHANGE.

If you want to preview the changes that are about to occur on the system before combining accounts, perform a select statement against the TACHANGE table (Select * from TACHANGE) to view the valid mappings from your spreadsheet.

If you see an error in the TACHANGE table due to a mistake in the spreadsheet, simply make the change to your spreadsheet and import the spreadsheet again. The old mappings from the spreadsheet will be deleted and the new ones will be inserted into the TACHANGE table.

You must perform the select statement in Microsoft SQL Server before closing the Account Modifier/Combiner window.

Once the Account Modifier is completed you will want to run Reconcile on all Historical and Open Years.

Financial>>Utilities >> Financial>> Reconcile

If you have additional new Segments to add you will use Mass Modify

Financial >> Cards >> Financial >> Mass Modify.

 Content for Dynamics GP Modify Account Format Setup is from Help Text with screenshots using sample data company TWO.

 This is a separate Blog at: http://www.isolutionspartners.com/dynamics-gp-mass-modify-chart-of-accounts/ 

 If you are an iSolutions client and have any questions regarding this procedure Dynamics GP Modify Account Format Setup or would like us to assist you, please contact us.

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