iPayments – ePayment Processing Solutions for Dynamics GP

June 26 | By Tracey Brinkman


iPayment Systems – ePayment Processing Solutions for Dynamics GP

iPayment Systems offer several products and services to help your company do just that. Follow this link for additional information:


 ERP & CRM Payment Processing

Credit card and ACH/eCheck processing directly inside your ERP and CRM systems for secure, real-time electronic payment processing


To support the unique needs of your business, Credit Card Advantage comes with a variety of standard features across all sales modules in Dynamics GP including real-time and delayed batch capture, automatic email notifications, multiple credit card storage through customer wallets, foreign currency support, and so much more.

Online Bill Pay

Secure online bill pay portal for your customers to view their outstanding invoices and make payments


ePay Advantage allows you to automatically generate payment documents with seamless integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP, maintaining your current infrastructure while enhancing operational efficiency.


One-click payment hyperlinks that allow customers to view their outstanding invoices and submit payment information without logging into an account


Never come in contact with the customer’s payment information. Now, the customer will enter or select their own credit card or ACH/echeck information and have their payment processed in real-time.


Full-featured B2B and B2C webstore to extend your business’s reach and allow for orders and payment processing from your webstore directly to Dynamics GP


Nodus offers two methods for payment data storage: Encryption and Cloud-based storage. The encryption version will let merchants store credit card information in their own environment. The cloud-based storage version is called PayFabric, where merchants can remove sensitive credit card data from their environment and store it in the cloud. This will help merchants with payment security and PCI Compliance. Information on PayFabric can be found here: https://ipaymentsystems.com

If you are an iSolutions customer and have questions regarding any of these Nodus products or Dynamics GP and any other ISV software needs, please contact us at: support@isolutionspartners.com