Dynamics GP and MEKORMA software

May 15 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP and MEKORMA software



Dynamics GP and MEKORMA software

iSolutions partners has several Dynamics GP clients currently running Mekorma software.

Mekorma offers many ISV packages to add features to enhance your Microsoft Dynamics GP.

I have included links to each product as well as to short demos of the Multi-Batch Management (MMM) product.

Mekorma Products: https://www.mekorma.com/

MICR: https://www.mekorma.com/products/micr-check-printing.aspx

Works with purchasing – payables checks, US payroll, Canadian payroll and miscellaneous checks.

Print Checks the Way You Want: Use blank check stock for unparalleled flexibility.

Customize Signature Security: Add control over which checks are signed and by whom, based on the dollar amount you specify.

Control Passwords & Approvals: With multi-level password protection, you can control cash flow, and reduce check fraud while saving time.

Check Supplies: https://www.mekorma.com/products/micr-check-supplies.aspx

To offer a comprehensive solution for your check printing needs, Mekorma has partnered with Altec to offer a variety of packages designed to have you up and running.

Multi-Batch Management (MMM): https://www.mekorma.com/products/microsoft-dynamics-cross-company-batch-posting.aspx

MMM can automatically give users one screen access to all batches across companies.

  • Create check and EFT payment batches based on your criteria
  • Send payment approval requests
  • Print Edit Lists
  • Print and post checks
  • Emailing and/or printing EFT remittances
  • Generate EFT files
  • Generate Safe Pay Files

Multi-Batch Demo:


Other products they have available are:

MEM Connector: https://www.mekorma.com/products/multi-entity-management-connector.aspx

Mekorma MICR integrates with Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM) product.

GP Power Tools: https://www.mekorma.com/products/gp-power-tools.aspx

Batch Posting Service Toolkit: https://www.mekorma.com/products/batch-posting-service-toolkit.aspx

Visual Studios Integration Toolkit: https://www.mekorma.com/products/visual-studio-integration-toolkit.aspx

If you are an iSolutions client and have questions regarding any of these Mekorma products – please contact us at: support@isolutionspartners.com

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