eOne Solutions SmartConnect integration software for Microsoft Dynamics GP

May 09 | By Tracey Brinkman

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eOne Solutions SmartConnect integration software for Microsoft Dynamics GP

At iSolutions Partners, we only recommend the solutions we think provide our clients with a proven return on their investment.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the top 5 reasons we think our GP clients need to take a look at SmartConnect by eOne Solutions, for all their integration needs:




1.      SmartConnect provides more functionality and is 50 times faster than Integration Manager.

2.      SmartConnect allows you to import data into GP from nearly any data source – including web services, outside systems, flat files, etc.

3.      SmartConnect is the go-to solution for connecting GP to Dynamics 365 (CRM).

4.      SmartConnect allows you to kick off an integration right from within Excel, using the Excel Add-In.

5.      SmartConnect empowers you schedule out your integrations, so you don’t have to run them manually. 

Here are some examples of how our clients are currently using eOne Solutions SmartConnect to upload data from other sources into Dynamics GP:

Importing Employees into Payroll , Payables Transactions, Receivables Transactions

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