Dynamics GP 2016 Feature Payables Credit Card Payment

October 14 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP 2016 Feature Payables Credit Card Payment

  • A new option for a computer check batch payment method to be paid by credit card
  • The credit card payment will create an invoice for the credit card vendor
  • A remittance form will print to show the invoices paid

First you will need to go to Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Credit Card and create the Credit Card you will use to make payments.

You will assign a Card Name and mark to be Used by Company, then assign a Vendor to track all transactions charged to the Credit Card.



Here is the new feature: Dynamics GP 2016 Feature Payables Credit Card Payment 

Now you can create your Payable s Batch for the Computer Check run, then select the Payment Method of Credit Card. Verify your Posting and Check Date and select the Card Name to be used.



After selecting the Card name to be used, Build your Batch and select checks that you want to be paid by Credit Card.


Process your batch.


Then Print Remittance Forms

If your system is configured for E-mail, you can also choose to email the remittance to any Vendor set up with a Remittance email.


A remittance form will be created for each Vendor showing all Vendor Voucher numbers paid with this credit card transaction.


The Computer Checks Posting Journal will show the Card Name used for this batch of Checks.


Invoices will then be created for the Card Name Vendor for each check that was paid by this Credit card.


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