2016 Year End Update Microsoft Dynamics GP

September 07 | By Tracey Brinkman

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2016 Year End Update Microsoft Dynamics GP

Are you ready for Year End?

We just received information from Terry Heley at Microsoft and thought we should share what we know with our customers.

  • Year End Update for US year end will release the middle of November
  • Year End Update for Canada will release in December.

Dynamics GP versions that will be supported for Year End changes

GP 2013 – (April 2018 end date) – minimal change, just year-end items

GP 2015 – (April 2020 end date) – year end changes a few bug fixes

GP 2016 – (July 2021 end date) – year end changes, GP 2016 R2 included and over 50 bug fixes in a variety of areas, lots of change will be included in this update.

NO GP 2010 update – If you are still on Dynamics GP 2010, you will not receive a Year End update. Please schedule to upgrade.

GP 2016 R2 WILL release at year end, November 2016, so any customer that is on GP 2016 will get R2 as part of the year end update automatically.

ISV software developers will receive the updates early for them to prepare for the year end and R2 changes so they can release quickly as well.

We are now looking at 20 features added with GP 2016 R2. We will pass on any information regarding the features as soon as it is available.

If any of our customers have questions, please send an email to: support@isolutionspartners.com

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