Dynamics GP Paid Sales Transaction Removal

August 14 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP Paid Sales Transaction Removal

Do you have Sales Transactions that continue to print on your Customer Statements and reports even though they are complete because they have not moved to History?

There is a Routine that will allow you to move those transactions to History (If you are setup for History).

Dynamics GP Paid Sales Transaction Removal

Sales >> Routines >> Paid Transaction Removal

Removing paid transactions

Use the Paid Sales Transaction Removal window to transfer paid transactions to history and to consolidate balance forward accounts.

Paid transaction removal consolidates all balance forward transaction amounts and adds the total to the noncurrent period amount. If you’re keeping history, transactions are transferred to history; otherwise they’re deleted. If you’re using Multicurrency Management, multicurrency transaction information also is removed or consolidated when you remove paid transactions.

If you want documents paid in the current period to show on statements, run this after you have printed Monthly statements.

Paid Transaction Removal

Note: If you aren’t keeping history, this procedure removes paid transactions from the system, and you can’t print reports containing information about the transactions that are removed.

To remove paid transactions:

  1. Open the Paid Sales Transaction Removal window. (Sales >> Routines >> Paid Transaction Removal)
  2. Select a range of customer records to remove paid transactions for.
  3. Select a range of customer class IDs to further restrict the customer records to be affected. A customer record must fall within both the customer range and the class range to have transactions removed.
  4. Mark the types of transactions to remove and enter a cutoff date. You can remove NSF checks, voiced transactions, waived finance charges, paid transactions and checks. The selected transactions that fall on or before the cutoff date will be removed.
  5. Mark whether to consolidate balance forward customer accounts. If you mark this option, all documents for the customer are summarized and moved from the current aging period to the noncurrent aging period.
  6. Mark Print Register to print a Removed Transaction Register. After the transactions are removed, the report is printed and all the removed transactions are displayed.
  7. Choose Process to remove the selected transactions. The report is printed if you chose to print it.

Checks Date Note: Checks have a separate cutoff date because those that are transferred to history or removed from the system can’t be marked as NSF. It is recommend that you enter a cutoff date that is one month prior to the transaction cutoff date. That way you won’t remove any potential NSF checks.

What is the benefit of running Paid Transaction Removal?

  • Statement will no longer show old paid activity.
  • Speed up Receivables routines and processes, windows will open faster.

Information in this document is taken from Help Text with added screenshots.

If you are an iSolutions customer and have questions regarding this Routine, please contact us at support@isolutionspartners.com.