GP 2015 R2 Workflow Document Attachment

August 07 | By Tracey Brinkman

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GP 2015 R2 Workflow Document Attachment

 Another new feature of GP 2015 R2 Workflow Document Attachment is an additional benefit to a feature that was added in GP 2013 R2. We reviewed that feature on a previous Blog:

GP 2013 R2 Document Attach 2.0 which you can review from this link.

GP 2013 R2 Document Attach 2.0

With GP 2015 R2 Workflow Document Attachment, when a document has been added to a transaction or record using the Microsoft Dynamics GP Document Attachment feature, the attachment can be sent with the workflow task notification email.

The following workflow types include this new feature:

Vendor Approval, Payables Batch Approval, Payables Transaction Approval

Purchase Order Approval, Purchase Requisition Approval

An example with Payables Transaction approval is that you can now enter a payables invoice, scan a copy of the document and attach the file, and then submit the invoice for approval. When the approver receives the email to approve the invoice, the image of the scanned invoice document is included as an attachment.

First you must mark the checkbox in the Workflow maintenance window.

Document Attachment Setup

Allow Document Attachments







Allow Document Attachments: Mark to attach documents to transactions, transaction line items, and master records.

Next you need the Include Document Attachment documents checked in your Workflow step.

Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Workflow Maintenance

Workflow Maintenance

Include Document Attachment documents

Send Message

Mark to send a notification message to the user you assigned the step to. Then, enter or select the message ID to send when the step is run. (This box must be checked before you can mark the box Include Document Attachment documents).

Include Document Attachment documents

This checkbox will allow the documents that have been scanned and attached to your transaction to be sent and an attachment

Note: When you send the Workflow approval message, all attached Header and Line level documents will be sent as attachments. Document Attachments on Notes will not be sent.

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