Dynamics GP 2015 R2 Feature Highlights

May 15 | By Tracey Brinkman


Dynamics GP 2015 R2 Feature Highlights

Microsoft has announced a highlight of the new features that will be included in the Dynamics GP 2015 R2 release this summer.

  • Combine GL Summary and Detail Inquiry Windows:

The inquiry windows for Summary and Detail have been consolidated. You can now view open and historical information on the same window for Summary inquiry, Detail inquiry and for Account Summary.

  • Self Service User Type:

A new user type has been added with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 R2. Self Service user type will enable users that only require very limited access to the system as a less expensive option to perform tasks such as entering payroll time, entering project time and expenses, or creating a requisition.

  • Employees can view there W2:

Employees can now view and print their own W2. This new feature is available as part of Time Management self-service.

  • Accounts Payable Invoice Workflow Approval:

A new workflow type has been added in Workflow Maintenance for AP Invoice approval. The Payables Transaction Approval workflow type will allow you to submit and approve each transaction in the Payables Transaction Entry window. It is available through the email notification and navigation lists. This is in addition to the existing PM Batch Approval workflow type.

  • All in One Document Viewer – Purchasing:

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a newly designed window that enable users to view related purchasing documents in the same window.  Accessible from the Vendor Maintenance window, many purchasing inquiry windows, Navigation lists and even the Home Page this window will save users time in searching for all relevant information for a purchasing document.  By selecting the checkbox for one document the window redisplays all columns with only the related documents.  For example, select a purchase order and then only the receipts, invoices, payments, and returns related to that PO are displayed.

In addition there is a Filter icon that allows users to select open and/or historical or saved vs. posted documents in the Purchasing All in One Document View window.  The options are specific to each column and saved per user allowing users to customize what they want to see.  Specific searches are also enabled in the filter window to narrow down the search results.  The clear filter icon with the red x will clear all filters and reset to the defaults.

Additional Dynamics GP 2015 R2 Feature Highlights featured in the upcoming Dynamics GP 2015 R2 release are:

  • SQL View Designer
  • SmartLists Display Debits then Credits
  • SmartLists – Default New Favorites to User vs. System
  • Hide/Show SSN on Payroll & HR Reports
  • Use Credit Card as Payment type for Payables Check Run process
  • Historical Received Not Invoiced Report
  • Auto Deposit Cash Receipts in Bank Rec
  • Visual Indicator for Customer Over Credit Limit
  • Enable Email for all Sales & Purchasing Forms
  • Time Management App

This information is from the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Feature of the Day blog series.

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