Dynamics GP Customer Item Lookup PSTL

March 24 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP Customer Item Lookup PSTL

Recently we were asked if there was a way to bring up a Customers prior Item History while in SOP Transaction Entry.

 The answer is yes! Once you turn on the feature using PSTL – (Professional Services Tool Library).

Dynamics GP Customer Item Lookup PSTL feature allows you to bring up previous items the Customer has purchased, showing the most recent price.

Series PSTL

If this option is not available, you might need to install this feature.

When you first install PSTL you will need to select the PSTL Main Setup and let it load the files.

PSTL Main Setup

Once it has completed you will see the Professional Services Tools Library.

 The first step in turning on this feature is to go to the Professional Services Tools Library and under Sales Tools:

Click to make Active the SOP Customer Item Lookup

PSTL SalesTool SOP Customer Item Lookup

To build the initial data from your history tables you will update the Sales Order Processing Setup window.

Sales >> Setup >> Sales Order Processing

Click on Additional and select: Create Initial Lookup Data. You will receive a message when the process is complete. The more history you have the longer this process will take.

(You must be logged on as the “sa” user to do the initial data creation.)

SOP Additional Create Inital Lookup Data

Now that your initial data has been created the new Customer Item Lookup window will be available from the SOP Entry and the SOP Item Detail windows. As you post additional invoices, these records will be added to the table and included in the Customer Item Historical data.

 You can access the window by choosing Additional >> Historical Lookup (or by pressing Ctrl H)

SOP Additional Historical Lookup

This will show the historical purchasing information for this customer and the most recent price for each item purchased.

You can select one of the Item Numbers then click the SOP Number link to zoom into the SOP Document Inquiry window.

Customer Item Lookup

If a customer has purchased the same item in two different units of measure, both records will show in the Customer Item Lookup window. The unit of measure and price that will appear is based off the item’s default unit of measure. If the unit of measure is changed on a sales document, a new price will become the default.

Customer Item Lookup Invoice

After posting the above invoice. When I create a new Invoice for Aaron Fitz Electrical is see both UOM listed.

Customer Item Lookup UOM

The information is based on the documentation for PSTL with some additional screenshots.

(Screenshots were made using Dynamics GP 2015)

If you are an iSolutions Partners customer and this is something that you would find useful and you would like us to assist with installing this feature and getting it set up for you please contact us at support@isolutionspartners.com.