GP 2015 Copy Home Page and Area Page

December 17 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP 2015 Copy Home Page and Area Page

One of the many new features of Dynamics GP 2015 Copy Home Page and Area Page from one User ID to another gives you the ability to copy customized selections from an existing user to another user.

This will save you time if this information has been Customized for an existing User and a new User being created will be the same or similar.

Administration >> System >> User>> Copy Settings

Copy Access from previous versions has been changed to Copy Settings with the addition of a section that allows you to select settings you want to copy from another user. This will replace any existing Home page settings for the user you are copying to.

Currently this user has Home Page Role of Accounting Manager. If Home Page Role is selected the Home Page Role copied from would replace the Accounting Manager.

Home Page Role

Assign the user to a user role. The user role determines the content that is displayed on a user’s home page by default.

Copy User Settings

To customize your home page:

  1. Display your home page. (Choose the Home navigation pane button)
  2. Click the Customize this page link at the top of the content pane to open the Customize Home Page window.
  3. Mark the content areas to display on your home page.
  4. To modify the column layout of your home page, select how to display the columns.
  5. Choose OK to save your settings and close the Customize Home Page window.


Once you have Customized the home page for one User, you can now copy that Home Page Content to other User records.

Area pages

Area pages list the windows used to complete tasks for an area of functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

For example:  the Sales area page provides access to windows used to maintain customer records, enter sales transactions, enter orders, move quotes to orders, post sales batches, assess finance charges, print customer statements and more. An area page is similar to a site map for a Web page with this exception—area pages display windows for the selected functional area, not for the entire product. You can use the menus on the toolbar as an alternate way to access the same windows.

Each area page groups the links to common windows and reports into categories that you can expand or collapse. To hide or show the windows listed in any of the categories in an area page, click the hide or show buttons on right side of each category title bar.

Select the Area Pages checkbox to copy these setting to the User selected from the User specified.

Let us know if you have any questions about this new feature of Dynamics GP 2015 or any of the other new features.

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