Listing a few more new features of GP 2015

November 21 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Listing a few more new features of GP 2015

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 should be releasing in December 2014. Here is a listing a few more new features of GP 2015. (Content taken from Microsoft Dynamics GP Feature of the Day)

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Edit Email on Historical Transactions A new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 when you want to send an e-mail for a historical document you can add additional e-mail addresses and choose which e-mail addresses you wish to send to.

Edit E-mail Detail is available for Receivables statements, Sales Order transactions, Purchase Orders and Payables remittances.

On Navigation Lists, you can mark a group of historical documents and e-mail them to a different e-mail address.  So, if a customer wants a copy of a number of invoices, you can mark them, and e-mail them to the specific address.

Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry

In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, one of the improvements to intercompany functionality is the ability to view the intercompany distributions of a journal entry from another company.

A new Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry window has been added, allowing the user to see destination-company entries from the originating company, and originating company entries from a destination company.

Having the Intercompany Journal Entry Inquiry window eliminates the need for users to switch between companies to view all originating- and destination-company distributions of an intercompany journal entry. All distributions can be viewed from one company.

Void Intercompany Journal Entries

Another improvement to intercompany journal entries in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015: Users will have the ability to void an intercompany journal entry, including entries posted in destination companies, by voiding the original entry in the originating company.

This eliminates the need to void an entry in both the originating company, and individually in each destination company as separate steps. When the user voids the entry in the originating company, intercompany entries are also created automatically in destination companies to void the original intercompany entries.

Employee Self Service – Purchase Requisitions

Here is another improvement for Employee Self Service functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. (See additional new features on previous post at: )

Purchase Requisitions lets a user enter a requisition.  The requisition ties in with Purchase Order Processing functionality.

Navigation is streamlined for the requester to see a requisition status or enter a requisition.

Users are able to quickly see important information right from their Home Page using the Saved, Ready for Purchase, Pending User Action, Rejected Workflow, and Approval tiles.  The Employee Self Service Home Page part also enables users to quickly navigate to desired tasks as well as see recent transaction information.

Management Reporter Data Integration

An added feature of Management reporter in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015. The user can determine the data that is available to Microsoft Dynamics Management Reporter DataMart, improving the performance and giving the user control over the data selected.

The user can choose per company (including sample company) if they want the General ledger data available for reporting.

The user also has the ability to include or exclude Analytical data for each company.

Existing Purchasing Order Warning

 A new warning message has been added to the Payables Transaction Entry window to prompt the end-user if they attempt to post or save an invoice for a vendor that already has an existing Purchase Order.

This new functionality will be disabled by default on upgrades but can be enabled by selecting the ‘Warn if Vendor has Existing Purchase Order’ checkbox on the Payables Management setup window. For new installs, the functionality will be enabled by default.

Watch in December once the software has been released, for a new series where I review each of these new features in more detail, including screenshots.

 Is there a new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 feature that you are really interested in? Let us know!