Using Account Categories in Management Reporter

September 02 | By Tracey Brinkman


Using Account Categories in Management Reporter

Dynamics GP Financials: 

Account Categories are groupings of General Ledger accounts that are typically reported on together, especially for financial statements.

You access Account Categories in Financial >> Setup >> Category.

Account Category Setup

Dynamics GP Financials provides 48 predefined account categories. You may change the descriptions, you cannot delete them. You can add unlimited account categories for you specific reporting needs.

As you add your accounts in Financial>>Cards>>Account you assign the Account Category that account belongs to. It will be included in the totals for that Category for any reports run in Dynamics GP.

Account Maintenance

In addition there are two way that categories can be used in Management Reporter when designing your reports.

Including Account Categories as a Dimension for Report Building

MR Wizard Dimension

The figure above shows that you can add Account Category as one of your dimensions when defining your company. Once the Account Categories are added as an available dimension to a company, they are available when creating your Link to Financial Dimensions for use in rows, columns, and reporting trees.

As you add and save new account cards to the General Ledger in Dynamics GP with their Account Category assigned they will automatically be included on any existing reports where you have defined the Account Category as your Dimension. This is an added benefit as it helps reduce the need to maintain your report design.

Row Modifier – Attributes by Account Category

Another way Account Categories can be used in a row or column is by defining a Row Modifier and using the Account Category as a filter by defining an attribute.

In the screen shot below, the Row Modifier column is using an Account Category to filter what shows on that row to only accounts that are included in the Account Category Sales.

Row Definition

Account Category as a Row Modifier

With the connection to Dynamics GP Account Categories and the options you have available to include them in your Management Reporter design, you have an additional option to quickly design your reports.

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