GP 2013 R2 Reverse Historical Year

July 11 | By Tracey Brinkman

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GP 2013 R2 Reverse Historical Year

Dynamics GP has had the option to post to a historical period.

Now with this new GP 2013 R2 feature you can actually reopen the closed period: Reverse Historical Year

With GP 2013 R2 they have added a new button to Year-End Closing: Reverse Historical Year.

Year End Closing

Financial >> Routines >> Financial >> Year-End Closing >> Reverse Historical Year button

Reverse Historical Year

You can now use the Reverse Historical to open the most recent historical year. So if you have just closed 2013 and your current year is 2014, 2013 will appear in the window.

  • This feature does require that all other users exit Dynamics GP.
  • It is also recommended that you make a backup of your company before reversing the historical year.


After you click Process to begin the Reverse Historical Year a status bar window will appear. This will display each time a step is completed.

  1. Verify user activity.
  2. Started the opening process.
  3. Completed the opening process.

Once the reverse historical year is complete it is recommended that you reconcile all open years beginning with the oldest open year.

Once complete, make another backup of your company.


** If you are using Analytical Accounting, the Analytical Accounting information is moved from history to the recently opened year.

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