GP 2013 R2-Take Company Offline

June 11 | By Tracey Brinkman

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GP 2013 R2-Take Company Offline

You can now use Take Company Offline for Maintenance, anytime you need everyone out of a specific company or companies.

Administration >> Utilities>> System>> Take Company Offline

Take Company Offline

Use this feature to select which company or companies to take offline for maintenance or administrative tasks. Examples: year-end close or an update. You can also choose to send a default or a custom message to users who attempt to log into the company once it has been taken offline.

This screen also shows you how many users are currently logged in to the companies selected to take offline.

When a company has been taken offline, current users can continue to work. Once a user has logged out of the company, they will not be able to log back in until it is back online unless they have offline access.

You can send a message to users that are currently logged into an offline company or to remind them that they will need to log out of a company at a specific time.


Administration >> Utilities >> System >> Send Users Message

Send Message

You must be an administrator to send messages to your users about an offline company.

The Send Message window will show you a list of your Users and the Company Name that they are logged into.

  • Mark/Unmark the users to select who the message will be delivered to.
  • You can choose either a Notification Message, a Task with a Reminder, or both.
  • Use the Message area to type the message you will send to the selected users.


You assign the user that will have access to the company while it is offline.

Administration >> Setup >> Company >> Company

User Offline Access

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This is one of many new features included in the GP 2013 R2 update. See our previous post for a list of new features at:

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