GP 2013 R2_Feature Enhancement Separate email addresses by document type

June 02 | By Tracey Brinkman

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GP 2013 R2 Enhanced feature now allows you to set: Separate email addresses by document type.

Previously the same email address would default to be used for documents sent to the same customer such as a Sales Quote and Sales Order.

When you are sending Sales Orders and Invoices they might need to go to different people. Before this release, you would have to manually change the address for each transaction to email to a different contact.

Not anymore!  With this enhancement you can now specify separate email addresses by document type, on individual Master Records for Customer and Vendor Master. I will review below settings for Sales Series – Customer records.

Sales Email Setup

First in Sales >> Setup >> Sales E-mail Setup

Enable the Documents you will be emailing. Then specify the Message ID.

Select from list where to have any Replies sent to.

Mark if you will: Allow Changing ‘Reply to’ Address at Entry and Allow Update of E-mail at Entry.


Sales >> Cards >> Customers

Enter or select the customer Card, then click E-mail button.

Specify if you will send Documents as Attachments, or Embed Documents in Message Body

Set Attachment Options:

  • Multiple Attachments per E-mail
  • Set Maximum File Size
  • E-mail Address based on Doc Type
  • Enable/Disable

Enable all documents, or select those documents that will be e-mailed for this customer.

Enter the Message ID.

Choose the Format for each document. (DOCX, PDF, XPS, HTML) XPS and PDF are not available for Web Client.

Customer Email Options

Click Email address button.

Enter Email address information for this Document type.

You can also mark to apply this list of E-mail recipients to other documents select for e-mail to this customer.

You can choose one or multiple addresses from the drop-down. Email address will populate from the email addresses that have been entered for the customer on the Internet Options form by address ID.

Email Address Based on

Setting the email address by Document type is also available for Purchasing Series documents by Vendor.

Purchase Orders and Vendor Remittance can be sent to an individual list of email recipients if Email Address based on Doc Type is enabled.

Vendor Email Options

Please email us at: if you have any questions about this or any of the new features, or if you would like to schedule an upgrade to GP 2013 R2.