GP 2013 R2 Document Attach 2.0

May 30 | By Tracey Brinkman

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GP 2013 R2 Document Attach 2.0


Another new feature that is part of the just released GP 2013 R2 is Document Attach 2.0.

There are several areas that have been enhanced with this new feature.

  1. Scanning documents and attaching them directly to a master record, document, transaction or line item.

a.  Select the record.

b. Click the Attach Management icon. This will open the Document Attachment Management window.

Document Attach

c. Place the document in the scanner.

d. Choose Scan to open the Select Device window. (The Scan button is only available if you are using a Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) scanner.)

e. Selection your scan options.

f. Choose Scan. The document is saved in a JPEG format.


2.  Document Attachment in Accounts Payable Transactions, flowing from the Vendor Card.

Attachment Properties


This is a Picture attachment of a Logo that is added to a Vendor Card. This could be a Contract, Order or any other document you specify.


It has been marked to flow thru to transactions and to allow sending as an attachment in email.

The Document from the Vendor Card will automatically be added to the invoice.

      3. The Doc Attach Functionality will replace the OLE file attachment functionality on notes. The files will be stored in the SQL    databases. This will work on both the Desktop Client and Web Client.

4. The Document Attachment File Utility can be used to delete attachments that are no longer linked to transactions or master records based on a selected date.  (Administration >> Utilities >> Company >> Delete Attachment Files)

Let us know if you have any questions about this new feature or if you would like to discuss scheduling an update to the Dynamics   GP 2013 R2. Email us: .