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April 25 | By Tracey Brinkman

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GP – Receipt for a National Account

If you selected to Allow Receipts Entry for Children of the National Accounts, you can still enter a Receipt directly to the Child Account. In addition, you can enter a Receipt to the Parent and distribute the payment amount to invoices for the Parent and Child customers.

Auto Apply To

When the customer ID you specify is the parent customer of a national account, Auto Apply To: allows you to specify amounts only to the customer or to the national account. Or you can manually select the invoices by clicking the Apply button.

Cash Receipts Entry

Below I have screen shots of the invoices for each customer including the National Account.

To see these screens, select the Apply button, then Specific Customer.

COMMUNIC0001 – Communication Connections – PARENT


COMMUNIC0002 – Communication Connections- CHILD


HOLLINGCO0001 – Holling Communications, Inc. – CHILD


COMPUTER0001 – Computerized Phone Systems – CHILD


SNELLING001 – Snelling Communications, Inc. – CHILD


Or you can select the Apply button and National Account to view invoices from all PARENT/CHILD accounts.

This screen does not show which Customer (for the National account) the invoice is from.

Apply Sales Document - NA

However, when you select an invoice to apply and click the Apply to Document, you will see shows the Parent or Child account that it originated.

Receivables Transaction Inquiry Zoom

Once the receipt has been posted, you can see the receipt applied to the Parent of the National account and also paid off invoices from several child accounts.

Applied to Debits

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