Dynamics GP – RM – National Accounts

April 24 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Dynamics GP – RM – National Accounts

Receivables Management – National Accounts

A National Account allows you to combine related customers that are all part of a larger Organization.

The parent customer is the controlling Customer of the national account. This parent customer has child customers and is usually the customer that distributes payments on behalf of the child accounts.

A national account provides the ability to restrict payments for child customers, apply credit checking, place holds, and assess finance charges at a consolidated national account level. You also can pay the parent customer of a national account when creating a refund check for the child customer, depending on the options you select when you set up the national account using the National Accounts Maintenance window. Reports and inquiries throughout Receivables Management can provide consolidated information about the activity of a national account or provide details for an individual customer.

Requirements for a customer to be part of a National Account:

  • The customer must be an open item customer.
  • The customer can be part of only one national account, as a parent or as a child


The first step is to select your Parent Customer, set the Options, then use the Child Customer ID lookup, or the Select Children button to create the link.

National Accounts Maintenance: Sales>>Cards>>National Accounts

  • Use the lookup to select an existing Customer as the National Account Parent.

National Account Maintenance



  • Allow Receipts for Children of the National Account. Select this box to allow cash receipt to be entered for a child customer of a national account. If this is not selected, you will not be allowed to enter cash receipt for a child customer.


  • Base Credit Check on Consolidated National Account. Select this option to base the credit limit on the Parent Customer credit limit and a current balance that is a sum of the parent and child accounts. If this is not selected, credit checks are completed on the parent or child, depending on the customer transaction. When setting up credit limits for national account customers, decide whether to use this option and set credit limits accordingly.


  • Apply Hold/Inactive Status of Parent Across National Account. If this option is selected, the hold and inactive rules set for the parent customer will also affect the child customers. If this option is not selected, the hold and inactive status will be set individually for the parent and child customer accounts.


  • Base Finance Charge on Consolidated National Account. If this option is selected, finance charges will be assessed against the parent using consolidated balances from all parent/child customers for the national parent account. If not selected, finance charges are assessed against parent and child accounts individually.


  • Default Parent’s Vendor for Children’s Refund Checks. If selected, the vendor assigned to the parent will be the recipient when you create a refund check for a child customer. This option will be available only if Refund checks is registered.



When you link a Child Customer ID to a Parent Customer ID, you will see the Current Balance displayed for each child.

National Account Maintenance Options

Note: National Accounts can be delete only if no apply information exists between the parent customer and any of its children. You will need to pay off all documents, move transactions to history using Paid Sales Transaction Removal, then Remove History using Remove Receivables Distribution History, prior to deleting a national account.

See: Removing transaction history in Receivables Management and Removing distribution history in Receivables Management in the Dynamics GP Help for more information.

Note: Deleting a national account only removes the national account designation, it does not remove the customers from your system.

You can also use the National Accounts Inquiry to view for National Account or Specific Customer.

Sales>>Inquiry>>National Accounts

This will display Unposted/Posted/History invoices for all Customers that are part of the National Account.

National Accounts Inquiry

You can choose documents from Unposted, Posted, and History.

Invoice Inquiry

National Accounts Inquiry National

You can then print a report of the transactions in your inquiry.

National Accounts Customer Inquiry Report

When creating your National Account records, verify you have made the correct Parent/Child links.

Once you post a Receipt to the Parent and Apply to a Child Invoice, you will not be allowed to remove the child customer ID without removing the history.

National Accounts_Delete Child

National Accounts_Cant remove child


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