Creating a Customized Reminder

April 03 | By Tracey Brinkman

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Would you like to be notified if specific conditions are met within your GP Company database?

For instance when a customer balance is over a specified limit?

GP has a way for you to set up customized reminders to alert you if:

A SmartList favorite meets the conditions that you have specified.

 Your custom reminder can also be displayed as a Cue in the Hope Page.

Use the Reminder Preferences window and the Custom Reminder window to create new customized reminders.

 1)  Open the Reminder Preferences window: (Home>>User Preferences>> Reminder button)

sa Home

You can also create a New Reminder in the To Do section on the Home page by clicking New Reminder

New Reminder

2) Choose New to open the Custom Reminder window.

Reminder Preferences

You will see there are several Predefined Reminders you can set. You can also decide to Display as a Cue.

Display as a Cue

Mark this option to view reminders as Cues with a count of the records visually shown in the Home Page. A Cue is an icon that increases or decreases in height to indicate the number of records in a particular reminder category.

3.   Use the lookup to find the SmartList Favorite you will use for this Reminder.

SmartList lookup

The Category and Visible to information for the SmartList favorite that you entered is displayed.

4.  Mark one of the following options to indicate the condition that must exist for the reminder to be displayed.

Number of records    Mark this option to be reminded when the number of records in a SmartList favorite meet a condition that you specify.

-Is equal to

-Is greater than

-Is less than

-Is not equal to

For example, you could create a condition where you would be reminded when a SmartList favorite contained greater than a specific number of records.

Total of column    Mark this option to be reminded when the amount for a SmartList favorite column that you specify meets a condition that you specify.

-Is equal to

-Is greater than

-Is less than

-Is not equal to

For example, you can create a condition where you will be reminded if the Document Amount column in the Sales Transactions SmartList favorite is less than an amount specified.

5.   If you marked Number of records, you can specify whether to display custom reminders as Cues.

6.   Choose OK to save your changes and close the window.

A list of all customized reminders that have been created is displayed in the Reminders Preferences window.

All predefined Preference or Customized Reminders that meet the criteria specified will show on the Home Page in the Reminders section for To Do.

Predefined Reminders

With the Display as Cue

Reminder Cue

Let us know if you have any questions or if you would like assistance Creating a Customized Reminder in Microsoft Dynamics GP.