GP 2013 and GP 2010 March Hotfix

March 28 | By Tracey Brinkman

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A Dynamics GP Hot Fix has been released and included is an update to the 941 form for 2014.

1. March Hot Fix – GP 2013

There are several small items going into this hot fix listed below.

US Payroll

941 form change (COBRA information is removed – lines 12a and 12b)

Payroll Deduction issues with TSA and DIA marked after applying SP 2/US payroll year end (GP 2013 only)

Net pay maybe incorrect for some employees that are not making    enough money in a payroll and you are using deductions in arrears.


Duplicate records being created in the IV30004 table (GP 2013 only)

If two users are entering bin transfers, the document number can be duplicated.


Add back ability to view all documents in Void Historical Payables Transaction form (GP 2013 only)


PO tolerance/shortage: Qty. cancelled does not get auto updated when post a shipment and the quantities are within shortage percentage (GP 2013 only)

2. March Hot Fix – GP 2010

The items included for this version are listed below.

Analytical Accounting

Distributions are missing for payroll transactions when post in detail is not enabled.

US Payroll

941 form change (COBRA information is removed

 If you would like to schedule a time for us to install this, please let us know.  You can contact us at and we will schedule a time to install the GP 2013 and GP 2010 March Hotfix.