Benefits Of Integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP With Microsoft Dynamics CRM

August 11 | By Ryan McBee


The two greatest benefits in your company are the sales department and customer service representatives. Your sales department can bring in the leads and close the deals while your customer service representatives handle all the back office administrative tasks of accounting, inventory and invoice management. When it comes to these two departments, you want them to have the best software to help automate and manage tasks. For this reason, you invested in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software applications.

Using The Microsoft Dynamics Suite Software

Microsoft Dynamics GP software offers full service solutions to your customer service representatives. Using this productive ERP (enterprise resource planning) software, your representatives have instant real-time access to customer data to fill out invoices, track inventory and process purchase transactions.

Your sales team benefits from having and working with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. When it comes to prospecting for leads, managing client contact information and engaging in selling activities, there isn’t another type of program your staff wants to use. The program is customizable and flexible based on their needs.

Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

While you enjoy having the company use the Microsoft software suite, you may wish that there were more integration features. You would love to have one software used by both departments to allow more consistent data sharing. You want to have the selling features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM combined with the back office management solutions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Such an integration would allow both departments to have access to the same customer information at the same time. Changes are made and seen in real-time, as customer data updates can be seen through both software applications to streamline operations and reduce issues. Another benefit of integration would be that neither department would have to give up the software that they know how to use.

Connector Tool Allows for Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft offers a free tool called the Connector to integrate the Microsoft Dynamics GP application with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM program. This connector will allow both departments to have uninterrupted customer data access without needing to contact each other to have the information sent to them.

According to Microsoft Dynamics, the Connector is free for use but you must have an active Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Assurance (SA) Support Plan and the Microsoft Dynamics Enhancements/Maintenance Plan to use the integrator tool. There are a number of third-party vendors who also offer their own integration tools for the Microsoft Dynamics Suite. Whichever tool you use, it should be installed by a certified Microsoft Dynamics partner company (hint: call iSolutions!) to ensure a seamless integration between the two products.

Integration Points To Consider

Not every aspect of the two Dynamics software applications have to be integrated. Your company can focus on several key components based on your particular business needs. Integration aspects you may be interested in include:

  • Dynamics CRM case management features integrated with Dynamics GP case history to improve customer resolutions.
  • Dynamics GP sales order processing integrated with Dynamics CRM orders to speed up transactions.
  • Dynamics GP transactions integrated with Dynamics CRM workflow to increase the effectiveness of customer service calls.

These are just a few areas in your operations where the integration of software applications can improve your overall business management. Having a seamless workflow between departments has to start with access to the same data information. Integrating both Microsoft Dynamics GP with Microsoft Dynamics CRM can ensure your sales and customer service representatives are working to their full potential.