Making Use of Dynamics GP for Recruiting

June 06 | By Ryan McBee


While there are a number of different options for recruiting software, most of these are stand-alone products that are meant only for recruiting. If you are tired of using one piece of software for identifying candidates and automating the hiring process, and then utilizing a different system for accounting, human resources, payroll and other tasks, you may be ready to try a full-function option, and this is where Dynamics comes in.

While Microsoft Dynamics GP may not be immediately thought of when you are looking for a recruiting tool, it can be configured to fit the needs of any organization that has robust recruitment needs. The Dynamics system can help you track candidates, sort them to easily find those with the necessary skill sets, and then track the evaluation process for those candidates who are of interest to your company.  On top of this—it is done in a simple interface that you are already accustomed with, and the candidate information is easily transferred into your HR and payroll programs.

The recruiting functionality is tapped into using various applications within the standard Dynamics system. Some of these apps are free, while others do have an add-on cost associated with them. For the most part, adding an app to your CRM tool is as simple as adding one to your phone. However, it is important that you make certain the app is written by a reputable company that understands the needs of CRM users. Those who have specialized needs may find it helpful to work with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, such as iSolutions, to help get the system set up and help train you or your staff how to operate it.

Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with nearly every Microsoft business tool out there too. You can achieve nearly anything when you add third party apps such as Broadlook or Powerpack. This type of flexibility is not found when you use standalone programs. Only a full function system like Dynamics GP can help you achieve your recruiting goals while at the same time powering nearly every aspect of the back end of your business. If you are already using Microsoft Dynamics in your business, you should consider unleashing its full potential by making use of its recruiting functions.