Support Options for Dynamics GP

March 21 | By Ryan McBee

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Broadly speaking there are 3 avenues you can go down to support your implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP:  self support, support from Microsoft, and support from a certified Dynamics GP partner.  We’ll briefly discuss the pros and cons of these options and provide links for exploring further.

First, let’s look at some of the reasons you may need Microsoft Dynamics GP support:

  • You want or need to upgrade your current installation to the latest version – Dynamics GP 2013.  You may need to upgrade in order to take advantage of new features, or simply to stay current and avoid living with a product whose lifecycle is coming to an end (more info here – link to blog).
  • You installation of Dynamics GP isn’t functioning properly.  Perhaps there is a nagging problem that you’ve been living with since you first installed it, or perhaps something new has cropped up.
  • You need to customize GP to better suit your business process or to integrate with other systems.

Supporting Dynamics GP With Internal Resources

If your organization has a large enough IT group that someone can be dedicated to spend significant time learning about the intricacies of Great Plains, then this is a viable option.  The trouble with this approach, however, is that it usually requires fairly deep expertise and experience with Dynamics GP in order to address most of the support issues that typically come up.  Developing such expertise requires constant experience with the product, and there’s the rub.  While most companies who use Dynamics GP will need the skills of an experienced GP support person, it’s fair to say that few will have needs to call for such a person full time.  For those that would like to support GP internally, participation in user groups can be an invaluable resource.  These blog posts regarding Dynamics GP user groups provide more information:

This page also has valuable information for self-support of Dynamics GP.

    Obtaining Dynamics GP Support from Microsoft

If internal staff have developed the experience to deal with day to day issues and questions that arise related to your Dyanamics implementation, then Microsoft provides several options that can bridge the gap when your internal team gets stumped.  These options all require that you service plan that includes support (link to ).  If your company is enrolled in such a plan then you can potentially enter tickets or call the support phone number (888-477-7877).  The support options from Microsoft are generally good for cases where remote support is sufficient.  More information on Microsoft Dynamics GP support is found here.  (

    Support from Dynamics GP Partners

Microsoft has developed a network of formal partners for a reason:  in order to serve the complex needs of a variety of businesses, access to IT professionals with deep experience in tailoring Dynamics GP to precise business process rules is essential.  Microsoft’s Dynamics GP partners will arrive on-site at your business and meet face-to-face with the folks who use Dynamics everyday to make sure that the package solve your business problems.  Turn to partners when:

  •         There are no internal IT resources that can take ownership of your Dynamics GP implementation.
  •         Your support need goes beyond what can be addressed via phone with Microsoft.
  •         You need to extend or customize Dynamics GP.
  •         Your staff needs in-person training on how to use Dynamics GP.

If the support you seek is best provided by a Microsoft partner, and you’re in Indiana or Wisconsin, we hope that you’ll consider iSolutions.  In fact, we offer a no-risk assessment so that we can get to know your business, and you can get to know us with no obligation.