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March 04 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee

For many folks, the most exciting part of Microsoft Dynamics 2013 is the inclusion of a web client.  The web client will enable more business users to access GP and it will make it easier for businesses that have multiple offices to facilitate their user base.  This feature alone may be the reason that you choose to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013, as it will allow for much great flexibility, efficiency, and productivity of your accounting staff.

The creation of a comprehensive web client for Dynamics GP is a massive undertaking, and Microsoft is tackling the implementation of the web client into multiple phases, with 3 to 6 months between releases.  The schedule that Microsoft is following for these phases looks like this:

Dynamics GP Web Client Implementation Phases

Phase   1 Released Financials,   Distribution, and “System” functions
Phase   2 Mar   or Apr 2013 Payroll   (US), HR
Phase   3 Q2   or Q3 2013 Project   Accounting
Phase   4 Q4   2013 or Q1 2014 Field   Service
Phase   5 2014 Manufacturing






Dynamics GP Web Client Details for Phase 1

Here is detailed breakdown of what is included in the Phase 1 release for the web client:

SmartList Builder
Navigation List Builder
Excel Reports (See Notes)
SRS Reports
Word Forms
Report Writer Reports
Business Analyzer
Account Level Security
Web Services
VAT Daybook
Shipping Documents
Tax Rates
Document Attach
OLE Notes
Navigation Lists
Business Alerts
Bank   Reconciliation
Fixed Assets
Cash Flow Management
Customer/Vendor Consolidations
Lock Box
National Accounts
Refund Checks
Safe Pay
Analytical Accounting
Multi-Dimensional Analysis
Scheduled Payments
Direct Debit Refunds
Multilingual Checks
Control Account Management
Interfund Management
Revenue/Expense Deferrals
Electronic Reconcile
Management Reporter Web Viewer
Advanced   Distribution
Advanced Picking
Available To Promise
PO Approvals
PO Commitments
In-Transit Transfer
PO Generator
PO Returns
Extended Pricing
Landed Cost









Implementing the GP Web Client

While the web client is a great new feature that you’ll want to take advantage of, the implementation is not trivial, and will likely involve the provisioning of new infrastructure. Here are a series of videos that provide some insight into the process of installation and configuration of the Dynamics GP Web Client:

Web Client Overview:

Web Client Network Deployment Planning

Web Client Network Deployment Scenarios:

Web Client Components:


Web Client Installation: