You Can Now Edit Great Plains Payables Information to Save Time!

February 21 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Annette Rawlinson


In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, you now have the ability to change the Remit-To address ID on an existing payable transaction. In earlier versions, in order to change the Remit-To address ID, you had to void the original transaction with the incorrect Remit-To address ID and reenter a new transaction with the correct Remit-To address ID. A lot of extra work. Now it’s easy!

Go to Transactions > Purchasing > Edit Transaction Information. This will take you to the Edit Payables Transaction window.

From the Edit Payables Transaction window,

  • Enter or lookup and choose the Vendor ID
  • Document Type will default as Invoice
  • Enter or look up and choose the document number that you want to change.
  • Choose the lookup button on the Remit-To ID field.

NOTE: The Remit-To ID field will not be available if the transaction is already partially paid or has any credits attached to it.

Edit Payables Transactions

If the correct Remit-To ID does not exist for this vendor, just click Remit-To ID. This will take you directly to Vendor Address Maintenance, where you can create additional addresses for this vendor.

Vendor Address Maintenance

The Remit-To ID attached to this transaction will determine which mailing address is printed on the vendor check.
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