Set Up Dynamics GP 1099 Information

February 21 | By Ryan McBee


Help!  I just found out that one of my vendors in Dynamics GP is not set up properly for 1099 information.  How can I fix this?

With Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2013 this is a simple fix.

From the Navigation Pane, choose Purchasing> Utilities>Update 1099 Information.  This will open the Update 1099 Information window.


Update:   Click the appropriate radio button to choose whether you want to:

  • Just update the Vendor Information (Vendor)
  • Just update 1099 Transactions for a vendor (1099 Transactions), or
  • Update both the vendor card and the transaction information (Vendor and 1099 Transactions).

From:  Select the Tax Type and 1099 Box Number that is currently on the Vendor Card.

To:  Select the Tax Type and 1099 Box Number that you want on the Vendor Card.

Range:  Vendor ID:  To change one vendor, enter the vendor number in both the From: field and the To: field.

Click the Insert Button.  The Vendor information will be listed in the box.

Click the Process Button.
When processing is finished a Report Destination window will open:


Choose the Destination for the report and click the OK button.

Review the report to see the changes that have been made to your Vendor Card and your Transactions.

And you are done!