Management Reporter as a Menu Option Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 FRx

July 09 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee

This is unfortunately a per user setting and does not change the menu in all companies for each user who makes the change.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

To change the name of the FRx menu, right click on the toolbar and then click Customize

Microsoft Dynamics GP_Home

To change the name of a menu option, it needs to be added to a menu.  Management Reporter should be added to the financial menu.  To add the menu to the toolbar, click the Add Button; In the Add Command window, in the Menu Groups list Select Reports, and expand the Financial series and select FRx before clicking the OK button;

Toolbar Customization

Now that FRx has been added to the list of Controls, click the Modify Selection button and then click Name…

Toolbar Customization_Financial

In the Change Name window, type the required name, in our case Management Reporter, into the New Name field where an ampersand (&) can be used to add a menu keyboard shortcut key.

Change Name

With the menu renamed it will show the new name in the Controls list;

Toolbar Customization_MR

Save the Toolbar Customization window and refresh the Home page to see the new menu option;

GP Home Page_refresh