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May 03 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee

So what exactly does this mean? To help explain the free tools, I’ve listed each *series tool with a brief description:

Finance Series Tools

  • Account Modifier/Combiner: Allows you to change previous account numbers into new account numbers or combine existing accounts.
  • Checkbook Modifier: This tool enables changes in checkbook IDs. You can change an existing checkbook ID to a new checkbook ID without any loss of work, open, or historical records.
  • Fiscal Period Modifier: This tools lets you change the fiscal year definitions and reset data in the open and history tables.
  • GL Master Record Triggers: Using this tool lets you create General Ledger account master records and replicate records to another database on the same server.

Payroll Series Tools 

  • Employee Modifier: Allows you to change an existing employee ID to a new employee ID without losing  work, open or history records.
  • Certified Payroll Report: Use this tool with US Payroll to add a project number to employees’ hourly transactions and track them on a per project basis.

Inventory Tools 

  • Inventory Site Combiner: Using this tool enables you to combine Site/Location Codes without losing any  data.
  • Inventory Site Modifier: Using this tool enables you to change the current Site/Location Code to a new code without losing any data.
  • Item Description Modifier: Allows you to change Item Descriptions without any loss of work, open, or historical.
  • Item Number Combiner: Combine existing item numbers—the old item number is removed from the system once the combining process is finished.
  • Item Number Modifier: Allows you to change a current inventory item number to a new number without any losses.
  • Item Reconciler: The  Reconciler’s function is the same as the reconcile functions built into Microsoft Dynamics GP with one exception: only those items that need      reconciling will be reconciled using Professional Services Tools Library.  This can increase performance if all items don’t need to be reconciled.

System Tools

  • Database Disabler: Allows the  “sa” user to disable any company database.
  • Shortcuts Copy: You can copy the Shortcuts options from one user to another thus eliminating the manual process of setting up shortcuts for each system user.
  • Toolkit: Use to rebuild the GL00105, recreate Dex Procs, rebuild indexes, rebuild tables, and check identities of tables all within GP.
  • Login/User Generator: Re-create all logins and users based on the users that are currently set up in our system.
  • Menu Inquiry Utility: Allows you to see all of the commands on the menus, whether they are hidden or not, and helps identify where those commands come from (which product) and other properties of the commands.

Purchase Series Tools 

  • 1099 Modifier: Allows you to update the 1099 amounts for vendors who are not set up as a 1099 vendor for the year or a portion of the year.
  • Payables Management Master Record Triggers: Add a vendor and vendor address master record and replicate records to another database on the same server.
  • Payables Management Minimum Check: Allows you to set a minimum amount for your Payables checks within the Select Checks process.
  • Select Checks Combiner: Consolidates checks to match the same vendor when users are appending to an existing checks batch.
  • Vendor Combiner: Combines a current vendor ID with another existing vendor ID.
  • Vendor Modifier: Allows you to  change an existing vendor ID to a new vendor ID. You will not have to  manually enter a new vendor ID and reenter all open invoices.
  • Vendor Name Modifier: Change an  existing vendor name to a new vendor name without any loss of work, open,  or historical records.


How to Take Advantage of this Free Offer

PSTL for Microsoft Dynamics GP no longer requires a Registration Key as it is now included upon installation.  In order to utilize PSTL for Microsoft Dynamics GP at no additional cost you will need to download the most current version and install.

In order to utilize PSTL for Microsoft Dynamics SL at no additional cost you will need to download the most current version. Once you’ve done that, email us and I’ll give you the master Registration Key. It’s that simple.

If you’re interested in adding the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL), please contact us today. We’d be happy to help you enhance the capabilities of your system.

*The tool descriptions may not encompass all of the features. Another series included in the PSTL but not listed here is the “Sales Series Tools”.
Compiled using content from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Professional Services Tools Library Release 10.0 Feature Pack 1