Management Reporter 2012 Issue

April 14 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee

After doing several upgrades to Management Reporter 2012 the past few weeks, we ran into one issue where we went to add an existing GP company and got the error below which reads “An error occurred while retrieving company information.  Verify that the specified credentials are valid.  Check the deployment log for details.”

Management Reporter 2012

After doing some research, we noticed the upgrade to Management Reporter 2012 automatically added two sample companies, Film Works Demo and File Works Demo for Canada.  When it added these sample companies, the upgrade did not configure the GL Entity Connection in the ControlCompany table within the Management Reporter 2012 SQL database.  To resolve this issue, simply run the SQL statement below against the Management Reporter 2012 database.  You will need to change the first where code to a company that is configured correctly.


ControlCompany set GLEntityConnectionInformation =

(select GLEntityConnectionInformation from ControlCompany

where Code = ‘ISOL’)

where Code IN(‘FW’, ‘FWC’)