How to configure SSRS Report Subscriptions to use Gmail for GP

February 23 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee


1. You need to install the SMTP feature on your Windows Server instance.  In Server Manager go to the features section and click on Add Features.

2. Create and setup a Gmail account at

3. Enable the Gmail account for POP3 in Gmail, you can follow the instructions on how to do this here:

Configure SMTP

We will now configure the IIS Server to forward messages using the Gmail account.

Open IIS Manager

Internet Information Services

Right Click “IIS SMTP Virtual server”

Select “Properties”

Select the “Access” Tab

Click “Relay”

Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties

Make sure “All except the list below” is selected

You can add servers to this list that you want to block from sending mail to this server if you press “Add”

Click “OK”

Relay Restrictions

Select the “Delivery” Tab

Click “Outbound Security”

Default SMTP Virtual Server Properties_Delivery

Select “Basic Authentication”

Enter your Gmail account (i.e.

Enter your Gmail password

Select “TLS encryption”

Click “OK”

Outbound Security

Click “Outbound connections” and set TCP port to “587″

Click “OK”

Outbound Connections

Click “Advanced” and enter the Full-qualified domain name – this should be what you want this SMTP server to be called. If your server name is “SMTP” and your domain is “YOURDOMAIN.COM” then the entry should be “

Enter “” as the “Smart host”

Press “OK”

Advanced Delivery

Now configure the outbound email server in your application to use “” and it should relay the email through Gmail.

Click on “OK” twice to complete the setup of the SMTP server.

The last thing that remains to be done is to configure Reporting Services to use our virtual SMTP server. You can do that by running the Reporting Services Configuration Manager utility.

Type in the email address that will be shown as the sender when SSRS sends emails. (This may be over written by the remote SMTP server so check to see if this is the case. In this example the Google SMTP server will replace any address that you enter here with the email address of the account used to authenticate to it and send emails with.).  In the “SMTP Server” textbox type the IP address that you selected for the virtual SMTP server.

Reporting Services Configuration Manager

Click on “Apply” and then “Exit” after the settings have been applied successfully.  Reporting Services is now configured to send emails via the local virtual SMTP server which will relay the emails using the Remote SMTP server using basic authentication.

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