General Ledger Posting Setup – Post To vs Post Through

September 24 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee

The settings in the window below can be confusing to Microsoft Dynamics GP users who are unfamiliar with the terms “Post To General Ledger” and “Post Through General Ledger Files”. Let’s further look at the terms so you can take advantage of their features.

Go to: Tools>Setup>Posting>Posting

Posting Setup


The primary difference between these options is that when you Post To General Ledger, you have an extra opportunity to verify Batch transactions before they affect the General Ledger. When you Post Through General Ledger, you save time by not having to complete the additional verification step.

Post To General Ledger

If you choose to Post To General Ledger, batches posted in all other modules will update the module in which the transaction originated, then it will create a batch of General Ledger transactions. Next, you must post those batches within General Ledger in order to update the posting accounts for the transactions.

There is one exception to bear in mind – Bank Transactions. All Bank transactions are single transactions – there are no batches in Banking. However, if you have Bank Transactions set to Post To (General Ledger), a batch is automatically created by GP for each individual transaction. The Batch ID will begin with ‘CMTRX’.

Post Through General Ledger Files

You can choose to have General Ledger accounts updated automatically when you post from another module to General Ledger. If you mark the Post Through General Ledger Files option, batches posted in other modules automatically update the module in which the transactions originated and the appropriate posting accounts in General Ledger.


Single transactions (not in a Batch) Post To General Ledger and not Through General Ledger, even if the Posting Setting is ‘Post Through’. A Batch ID is created using the prefix of the Source Document Code for the transaction posted, i.e. ‘PMTRX’ for Payables Transaction Entry.

Also, at least one of the two Posting Settings must be checked or no General Ledger batch will be created.

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