Import AP Entries from Excel into Dynamics GP

May 10 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee
Several weeks ago we shared a tool that imports journal entries from Excel into Dynamics GP.  Our team recently just added on to the functionality with the ability to import Accounts Payable transactions.  The GP Connector uses an Excel sheet with all of the basic fields required in the entry of an Accounts Payable transaction.  You can see the example below.

Sample Upload

Another enhancement to the GP connector is the ability to define your
source file.  If you have a header row, you can skip it.  In
addition, you can map in your purchasing accounts or simply use the default
accounts assigned on the vendor card.

Setup Form_PM

Once you have completed your setup of the PM import, you will pull up
the GP Connector window by going to the Tools>>Integration option on the
menu of any GP window or by typing Ctrl+Alt+I.  The GP Connector window is
very straight forward as shown below.  You will select an existing
Payables Management Batch, Source Document, Description and map out to your
source file.  From there, you will hit the Process button and be ready to
review your Payables Transactions.

GP Integrator_PM

The GP Connector uses the latest technology with the Visual Studio Add
In tools for Dynamics GP 10 and 2010.  If you have any questions on the GP
Connector, feel free to contact me at