Import Journal Entries from Excel into Dynamics GP

April 08 | By Tracey Brinkman

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By Ryan McBee


Our lead Developer recently developed a GP utility that imports journal entries from Excel into Dynamics GP.  I wanted to share it as it might be something that could be useful for others.  The GL connector can be used for functions such as fixed assets, payroll and revenue recognition entries.

The utility requires you to have your journal entry already prepared in an excel sheet similar to the format below.  Your amounts can be in two columns or one column (positive for debits and negative for credits).  There is an optional Description column that maps to the Distribution Reference field in the Journal Entry window.


Once your Journal Entry is saved, you will pull up the utility by going to Tools>>Integrate>>Import Journal Entries from any GP window or you can simply hit Ctrl + Alt + I.

As you can see the window requires you to select a Financial Batch, Source Document, and Description.  From there, you will path out to your import file and hit the Process button.

GP Integrator_GL

After processing your file, you will receive the message below from the GP Integrator and the journal entry will appears as shown below.  The GP Integrator does a full validation of your GL Account Number and will let you know if tried to pass in bad data.

Processing Complete2

Transaction Entry

The GP Integrator was built using the Visual Studio add in tools and works for GP 10 and GP 2010.  If this is something that would be helpful to your organization, you can email me at